Philippians 1:1b

“To all the saints of Jesus Christ which are at Philippi, with the deacons and elders,”

Paul greets everyone at Philippi, and makes special mention of the deacons and elders.  The responsibility of allowing open worship falls on these men.  They are in authority.  They need to be sensitive to the voice of God.  It is so important that we acknowledge these men in everything they do.  They are the ones who will or will not allow the church to move into a deeper walk with God.  When we pray for them, we do a mighty work, because it is important that the spirit of God move freely in our services.  It is important that the people are given an opportunity to voice what God has put on their hearts.


When we are given a word of encouragement for others, we should not be afraid to share it.  Unfortunately, our churches have become havens of silence for the congregation.  We sing the songs, and then sit in silence as the rest of the service goes on.  There is not a place for us to share words of edification, or prophecy, or knowledge.  Only a full service with no gaps – no silent times for God to speak to us.


Paul says when we come together, we should have a psalm, a hymn or a spiritual song (Col 3:16).  The gifts of the spirit are manifest with words of knowledge, words of prophecy, or tongues and interpretations.  These are a part of God’s ministry to His people.  They are not things of the past, but tools for this present moment.  And they are given to people in every church, regardless of denomination.


But we have so filled the service that we leave out time for God to speak to us.  We speak to Him with our songs, and our prayers.  We allow the pastor, or priests, or father, to minister to us through the sermon, but when do we allow God to speak through His people?  Oh, how he desires to speak to us.  Be ready for God to use you.  Be open to what God would do in each and every service.  Elders and Deacons -allow the spirit of God to move as He wants to in your church.  You may be surprised at what God will do.






As I go to church, help me to listen to your voice, Lord.  Help me to pray for the elders and deacons, as well as the Pastor.  Help me to be open and ready to be used in the service as you would want me to be used.  Help my church, and its’ leaders, be willing to allow the Holy Spirit to move in our midst”


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I love the Lord. Each day, he gives me words of praise and encouragement, and asks me to share them with you I pray that they minister to you as you read them, share them, or ponder on them. Have a blessed day!

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