Philippians 1:2a

“Grace be unto you, and peace, from God the Father…”

Grace is unmerited favor – in this case God’s unmerited favor.  We don’t deserve anything God has done for us.  He has done all these things out of the goodness of His heart.  From the very beginning, he planned the universe with us in mind.  He separated the waters, brought up herbs, fruit and other vegetation, placed the sun and stars, brought forth animal life – all of these things before putting man in His creation.  He provided for us before we were even here.

And he still does this today.  His unmerited favor goes before us, preparing our way through life.

Peace, especially God’s peace, is far from most people.  It often seems out of reach.  There is so much worry and hurriedness in our lives that we rarely experience peace.  And the world around us does not know peace.  There is always a conflict somewhere – someone fighting for their own purpose and cause.  Unrest inhabits this world.

But God’s peace permeates the noise of this world, and in our loves it calms us, no matter what we are facing.  His peace can be found in a sunset, a gentle breeze, the trickling of a brook, or the song of a bird.  Do we take time to find this peace?  Do we sit in stillness so His peace can penetrate through the abyss?

Am I living in this grace and peace on a daily basis?  Do I share this grace and peace on a daily basis?  If God was so good to give it to me, what is stopping me from giving it to others?  Let me life be filled with the grace and peace of God, so much so that it overflows to others.


I am unworthy of your grace, Lord.  Yet you give it to me anyway, without me even asking you for it.  Thank you for the grace you showed to me at Calvary, and for the peace that your gift of salvation instills within my soul.

2 thoughts on “Philippians 1:2a

  1. Excellent! I’m with you everyday that God leads you to this site or your site on Facebook.
    I so enjoy your words of encouragement.
    I pray that your health Jesus will heal you if it is of course his will that we have you here to I say teach us that would be a Blessing.
    Have a Blessed night!


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