Philippians 1:7c

“ye all are partakers of my grace. ”

Am I full of grace?  So full that others can partake of my grace without me losing what I have?  In our world today, grace is a lost art.  People are more concerned with themselves then with others.  My wants, my needs, my cares, my troubles.  It seems that no one really notices what is going on in another person’s life.  It is how it affects me that matters!

All day long we go by people who are hurting in their lives.  Yet when those people say something harsh, or do something we don’t like, we take it as a personal attack and feel sorry for ourselves.  Instead of trying to understand where they are coming from, which is the graceful thing to do, we only are concerned with how it affects us.  Grace is lacking – self-centeredness is in full display.  Then we go out and talk about our hurt, moving farther and farther away from grace and into maliciousness.

It is time for us to open our hearts to the hurts of others.  It is time for us to display grace that only God can give through us.  We expect grace from others – why are we so slow to give that grace to others?  When we are wronged, forgive and don’t spread the hurt to others.  When someone says something hurtful, try to see where that person has been hurt.  When circumstances don’t go our way because someone doesn’t act the way we want them to, try to understand their point of view.  This is grace in action.

It is so important that grace flow form the heart of all those who call themselves Christian.  This is how the world gets to understand grace.  After all, we are partakers of grace through Jesus Christ!  How much more should we allow others to partake of the grace He has shown to us.

Lord,  help me to live a life full of grace.  Help me never to be harsh, judgmental, or argumentative – especially with those who don’t know you.  Help me to exhibit the love and compassion for others that you have shown to me.


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I love the Lord. Each day, he gives me words of praise and encouragement, and asks me to share them with you I pray that they minister to you as you read them, share them, or ponder on them. Have a blessed day!

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