Philippians 1:14b

“are much more bold to speak the word without fear.”

What is it that keeps me from witnessing to my family, my neighbors, and people I come across in everyday life?  For me, it’s not that I don’t have the ability to make intelligent conversation.  I have been in Toastmasters for almost 30 years, and have been in sales for over 25.  Talking is not a problem.  I make conversation every day on a number of different topics.   But rarely do I witness Christ in these conversations.  Why?

It’s not because I do not have knowledge.  I have read the bible through countless times.  I have attended Bible college courses.  I have taught adult Sunday school classes and have preached from many pulpits as an evangelist.  I know the gospel, I know how to share it, and I know how to ask people f they would like to have Christ in their life.  But rarely do I do that in everyday conversations.  Why?

It’s not because I do not know the benefits and how it will help people.  I have tasted of the grace and mercy of the Lord so many times I cannot begin to count them.  I have enjoyed His peace and joy for almost 40 years.  I have been led by His spirit out of more trouble than I can remember.  I have a rich testimony of the blessings of the Lord in every aspect of my life.  But I rarely share that testimony when with friends.  Why?

Fear – that’s why.  Fear of being rejected or ridiculed or of not having the right words to say.  But they are not rejecting me!  They are not ridiculing me!  It’s Christ they are rejecting and ridiculing, just as it was when He walked this earth.  Why should I keep from witnessing because of these two reasons?  And he third excuse?  Christ told us the Holy Spirit would give us the words to say – I just have to rely on Him, not on my own knowledge.  That’s always my problem!

I have no excuse not to witness without fear.  I need to be bold in my witness all the time, not just when It’s convenient for me.  People need the Lord – people around me, people that I love.


Lord, make me bold in my witness.  Let me not fall back on the excuses I have used in the past, but let me listen to your Holy Spirit to guide me through the conversation.  I know they need the Lord, and I come across a lot of people every day.  Help me to be the witness you deserve

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