Philippians 1:19b

“and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ”

The endless supply of the spirit will never let us down.  I think sometimes I forget just what the Holy Spirit can accomplish.  We have to go back to Genesis and the creation for the first example.  The word says the Spirit of God hovered above the earth.  When the word went forth, spoken by God, the Spirit went into action, causing creation to come about.  At least that’s the way I see the trinity working together to give us this great planet we live on. as well as the rest of the universe.  Imagine the endless supply of the spirit when this all happened in 6 days!

Whenever you see a miracle in the bible, you must see the Holy Spirit behind it.  The red sea parting, the manna, the walls of Jericho falling, the sun standing still, the fiery furnace not burning – all works of the Spirit by the word of God.  It’s all the work of the trinity – the three in one.  We can never leave the Spirit out.

But so many do.  In many churches, the service is so structured that the spirit never has a chance to move.  I remember a time that I was travelling back to Iowa from Massachusetts.  It was Sunday  morning and I stopped in at an old church in Central Pennsylvania.  I felt an urge of the spirit to give a word to that church, and they were without a preacher that morning.  But no one greeted me or talked to me.  At no time in the service did they have a time when the spirit could speak, and I walked away feeling they missed out.  When I arrived home, the Lord had me write a rebuke to that church.  I will never know the outcome of that until I get to heaven.

The point is – what would my church do today in that circumstance?  What would your church do?  Do we allow a time for the spirit to speak?  Do we seek out His supply through Christ?  It is an abundant supply that will fulfill all our needs.

Paul knew this, and He knew that this supply would serve him well in that prison he was in.  he was not worried.  The gospel was being preached, and he was at peace.

Lord, help me rely on your Spirit and the supply it brings to my life.  Help me to always be listening for the Spirits call, that still small voice that comes in the middle of the night, or in my busiest moments, and tells me your great secrets.  Help em to write down what I hear, and share the vision.  You love us with an everlasting love, and want to talk to us through your Spirit.  Help me to be attentive.

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