Putting Myself Aside

Philippians 2:8

” And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself,

and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.


After He left the glory of His place in heaven, after He took on human characteristics instead of His Godly previous life, after he took on the form of a servant, he humbled himself further.  He was a man in body, feeling all the emotions, fears, worries and doubts that any of us would feel if we were faced with what was coming for Him.  He knew the cross awaited.  He knew he beating would come, the ridicule, the crown of thorns, the pierced side.  He knew all of it was ahead.  The Garden of Gethsemane was the one chance He had to change His mind.  No one would pray with Him.  Left alone with the Father, He humbled himself completely to the Fathers will, submitting His body to the worst form of torture.

I cringe at the thought of a little pain.  Maybe I have to get a shot at the doctor’s office.  I hate the thought of that needle going in.  Right now, during recovery from my cancer treatments, I have a little pain and discomfort no matter what I do.  Sometimes I don’t want to get up out of my chair because I know it will cause me discomfort.  But I have to get up – I have to get that shot.  Sometimes pain is necessary to make me feel better.

But Jesus was not doing this for himself.  He had nothing to gain from this self-sacrifice.  He could not possibly be granted a higher position than He already had!  He did this for you and I!  He shed His blood for my sin.  He took the stripes for my healing.  He died for my salvation.  It was the most unselfish act in all of history.

So what should me response be?  First, I realize that he paid that price, and I accept Him as my Savior.  Second, I spend the rest of my life thanking Him for the price He paid for me, for all He did for me on that cross, and for the fact that He is always with me.  It doesn’t matter if I am at the lowest point in my life – He still deserves my praise.  Third, and most important, I should give all that I am to Him.  Everything.  Everyday.

That means I have to humble myself.  Put aside my selfish ego and my desire to be someone important in this world.  All that really matters is what I do for Him.  All that will last forever is what I do for Him.  To be His disciple is the highest calling I can attain.


I want to be a better witness for you, Lord.  I fear people though.  I am afraid of rejection, ridicule and even persecution.  But you went through all that for me, and didn’t blink an eye.  You gave your all for me -I want to give my all for you.  Give me boldness Lord, but more than that, give me the humility to put myself aside and walk only in your Spirit.

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