Where Do You Stand?

Philippians 2:11

” And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord,

to the glory of God the Father.”

Not only will every knee bow, but every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.  Everyone will come to the realization that the Bible was right all along, that the words their friends had been telling them were right, and that they had missed an opportunity to make heaven their home.  Saying these words will be sheer joy for some, and sheer agony for others.

I would put people in 3 categories at this point.  First, there are the true Christians, the ones who live their life following Jesus as best they know how.  They do what He asks of them, they attend church and work in the church, they pray and worship Him on a regular basis and they are witnesses to others about the love of God.  Everyone sees them and knows they are Christians, and some people avoid them because they know they will hear about God if they go near. And they do all this to bring God glory, and not themselves.  These are the true Christians, and they have no problems crying out that Jesus is Lord of their lives.

Then there are those who profess to be Christians, but do not do the will of God.  They may go to church, but only to be seen, or because it’s the right thing to do – they would rather be doing something else.  They work in the church out of obligation, and they hope someone notices so they can be thanked – they want to receive the glory.  They are weak in their prayer and devotional life, and they do not witness about their faith at all because it would embarrass them and their friends.  These are the ones Jesus talks about in Matt 7:21-22, and He will tell them to depart, because He never knew them.   This group will also be able to say Jesus is Lord, but in their hearts they have never submitted to Him until now, when they have to.

Lastly are the unbelievers.  This would include atheists, all other religions of the world, and all those who do not know Christ at all.  They have lived their lives following lies and deception, and now they realize that Jesus is who He said He was.  They will be shocked and amazed, and will tremble before Him, knowing they had a chance to accept Him at some time and never did.  I have no doubt this group will be begging for mercy at His feet as they call Him Lord.  But it is too late at this point – their destiny is sealed.

Where do you stand on this day?  Are you ready to face Jesus on that final judgment day?  Have you already met Him, and joyfully call Him Lord?  Or ae you just sitting on the fence, biding your time?  Now is the time to make Him Lord of your life, not later, not tomorrow.  Today!


Lord, I love you and I lift up your holy name.  I will praise you all the day long, because you are worthy of my praise.  I adore you with all my heart and soul and mind and strength.  Help me to always stay close to you, and make you Lord in every area of my life, that the Father may be glorified.  Help me show others the way to you, Lord.

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