Who Are You Mentoring?

Philippians 2:19

“But I trust in the Lord Jesus to send Timotheus shortly unto you, that I also may be of good comfort, when I know your state.”

Before we look at the next few verses in Philippians we have to look at Paul’s relationship with Timothy. Timothy always held a special place in Paul’s heart. We see that in many of his writings and the fact that he wrote two letters to Timothy encouraging him and giving him instruction.

It appears that Paul first found Timothy on his second missionary journey either in Derbe or Lystra. His mother Eunice was already a believer and his father was a Greek. It appears that Timothy was converted on Paul’s first visit and then started mentoring under Paul on his second visit. After that he became one of Paul’s trusted attendance.

From there it seems that Timothy was with Paul when he visited Philippi and then went with him to Thessalonica and Beroea and then met up with him again in Corinth. He sent Timothy and Erastus on ahead to Macedonia in his place at one point. Paul then returned to Philippi and Timothy set sail with him, probably all the way to Rome. We see that Timothy is mentioned as being with Paul in Rome.

The reference is made to them growing to a very good, pure and gracious relationship. It seemed that they were very devoted to each other and their relationship grew with time. It is very much a mentoring relationship where Timothy grew leaps and bounds under the tutelage of Paul over many years.

Is there somebody in your life that you are mentoring? This is a very valuable ministry both to the person who is being mentored and to the mentor. We should all look for opportunities to take a young person under our wings and disciple them to become better Christians. Believe me it will strengthen us as well.

With this background you can see why Paul would send Timothy back to Philippi and why it would be such a comfort to him to have them welcome Timothy. Paul had complete faith in Timothy’s ability to diagnose what is going on in the church and report back to him. He also has complete faith in Timothy to minister to the people and help them grow. Any pastor will tell you to have somebody of this value is irreplaceable.

Over the next few days we will look more into the trust and Ministry of Timothy. I hope you stay tuned in.


Lord lead me to someone who needs to be mentored. Help me keep my eyes and ears open to opportunities to teach someone about Jesus and about his ways. Help me live a life that will show others that I care about them and not just myself. Help me to lead by example and not just by word. I thank you for what you doing in my life right now through these studies. I love you Lord.

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