What Kind of Life Are You Living?

Philippians 3:20

20 For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ:


To fully understand this verse we have to understand that the word conversation has very little to do with the words coming out of my mouth or our ability to listen to somebody else. The word conversation means our behavior and our conduct. A lot of people call it a lifestyle. This changes the whole context of the verse.

When I first looked at this verse I thought it was talking about the fact that heaven will be our eternal destination and that is where our life is. I was going to write about the fact that we need to store up Treasures in Heaven instead of treasures on this Earth. Then I went to look up the word and I had something totally different to talk about

What this verse is really talking about is that life down here should be lived as if we are living in heaven. Our conduct and behavior should be the way we would want to carry out those things in heaven. Oh my, if that is true then I have a lot of work to do. There are times that I do things that I shouldn’t do, and say things I shouldn’t say, and walk places I shouldn’t walk. My conduct is not always heavenly.

In one of my other blogs I am studying to the Book of Psalms. One of the things I notice constantly is that David has no reservations about asking the Lord to judge him according to his righteousness. I’ve commented on that blog how amazed I am that David could easily ask God to do this. David must have been living a very good life, a righteous life, in order for him to feel that he could ask God this question. Over and over again David asked God to give him mercy. Over and over again David talks about the righteous Judgment of the Lord.

As I walk through my daily life from now on I am going to be more aware that my conversation is in heaven. I need to be living my lifestyle as if I’m already there. After all Jesus did say the Kingdom of Heaven is within us. Let my life be a reflection of that kingdom so that others will see it and want to take part in it.

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