Welcome to Traveling With Paul, and insightful look into the epistles of the Apostle Paul.  I am glad you are coming on this journey with me.  So here’s a little about me.

My name is Pete Gardner and I am a licensed minister, functioning more as an evangelist and worship leader.  I got saved in 1976 and have spent countless hours iin study through the years.  There have been ups and downs with my walk, the worst coming in 2008 when I had to take a sabbatical to get my head on straight again.

Out of that experience, God started to give me songs – new songs – and that has not stopped.  he has lately been blessing me with poems, and I have a separate blog that those are posted on daily.  But He has also allowed me the opportunity to share my thoughts and what spiritual insight He gives me in this forum.  I have a third blog that right now is a study in the Psalms.

I sincerely hope you will come along with me on this journey.  I started with Philippians and t was a bit rocky at first, as I was trying to be too cute.  But as I got going, it gets better.  If you go back and read those entries, please be patient with the newbie that wrote them.  it gets much better as you go through.  Ephesians is the next book I will be tackling.  And if you would like to visit my other blogs, here are the links:

Poetry Blog: https://psalmistpetegardner.com

Psalms study https://www.petertgardner.wordpress.com

Thanks for stopping by!


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